Iodine Recordings


Garrison "A Mile in Cold Water"


Garrison was born in Boston, MA, during the heyday of the prolific, late-'90s post-hardcore scene. Though Garrison went on to release numerous albums on Revelation Records and Iodine Recordings, "A Mile In Cold Water" remained their most significant and important release. Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at GodCity Studio in 2001, Ballou returned in 2023 to completely remix the album to really make these songs shine the way they always intended to sound.

Track Listing:

1. After The Fight
2. Selective Hearing Loss
3. Is That A Threat?
4. Squirrel Bait
5. There's Only So Much Coffee
6. Our Mild Scoliosis
7. Always Be Closing
8. Fuel
9. The Dumbest Angel
10. Penelope
11. Favorite Goodbye Fuck
12. Reprise