Sorry State Records


G.U.N. "s/t"


Nashville, TN's G.U.N. roars onto vinyl with their debut full-length for Sorry State Records. While G.U.N.'s music evokes Koro's lightning-speed intricacy and the Adolescents' surfy hooks, the lyrics describe a sick, sad world that takes Black Flag's "No Values" as philosophical truth, imbuing G.U.N.'s sound with a palpable sense of desperation. It all adds up to a classic-sounding hardcore-punk record bursting with energy and dripping with hooks.

Track Listing:

1. Gunshot
2. High Horse
3. Sterile Patterns
4. Street Bait
5. Sadistfaction
6. A Prisoner's Tale
7. Dangerous Game
8. Self Erase
9. Killing Spree
10. Sick Sad World