Taang! Records


F.U.'s "Kill For Christ"

A reissue of the amazing 1982 "Kill For Christ" album by one of the finest hardcore bands to ever come out of Boston. Includes all the tracks from the original release, along with the band's songs from the "This Is Boston Not LA" and "Unsafe At Any Speed" compilations, as well as the group's first demo recordings. Nineteen tracks in all. Packaged with the original Pushead artwork.

Track Listing:

1. Civil Defense
2. Me Generation
3. Daisy Chain
4. Peer Police
5. Rock And Roll Mutha
6. T Sux
7. Trendy Nazi Hypocrites
8. Die For God
9. F.U.
10. Preskool Dropouts (bonus track)
11. Radio Unix USA (bonus track)
12. Green Beret (bonus track)
13. Time Is Money (bonus track)
14. Ceta Suckers (bonus track)
15. Death Wish (bonus track)
16. Fucking Advice (demo) (bonus track)
17. No Change (demo) (bonus track)
18. Drug Of Choice (demo) (bonus track)
19. T Sucks (demo) (bonus track)