L.G. Records


Fury "Resurrection"


Recorded in 1989 on the remaining ten minutes left at the end of Swiz's "Hell Yes I Cheated" reel-to-reel and originally released at the time as a 33 RPM 7", this 2023 release presents a 12", 45 RPM version remastered by Tim Green with an extra song recovered from the tape archives of Jason Farrell. The brief story of Fury: At some point in 1989, members of Washington, DC, punk bands Swiz and Ignition formed Fury as a loose experiment with no intentions beyond being a diversion. The recording is a vexing listen that sounds like a Neapolitan swirl of Swiz, Void, and the Germs.

Track Listing:

1. Resurrection
2. Space Love
3. Shotgun
4. Circle Of Lies
5. Psycho
6. Last One