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Fuming Mouth "Last Day Of Sun"


A fiery, resurrected rage barrels it's way out of hell's erupting chasms with blistering fury; Fuming Mouth has returned. Lead singer, guitarist, and founder Mark Whelan emerges triumphant after a life-threatening battle with acute myeloid leukemia, rekindling the inferno of their music with Fuming Mouth's second full-length album, "Last Day Of Sun." This is the follow-up to a full-length and EP on Triple-B Records.

Track Listing:

1. Out Of Time
2. Respect & Blasphemy
3. The Silence Beyond Life
4. The Sign Of Pain
5. Leaving Euphoria
6. I'll Find You
7. Disgusterlude
8. Kill The Disease
9. Last Day Of Sun
10. R.I.P. (Rest In Piss)
11. Brutal Practices
12. Postfigurement