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Full Of Hell "Trumpeting Ecstasy"

Maryland/Pennsylvania experimental, death-noise band Full Of Hell has embarked on quite the journey leading up to the their latest full-length album "Trumpeting Ecstasy," their most punishing, virulent and dynamic work to date. The embryonic beginnings of Full Of Hell displayed their palette at its most primitive: D-beat and blast-ridden hardcore punk, with spats of noise and caustic rhythm. The band builds upon their Merzbow collaboration and the releases succeeding it with this latest - going into God City Studios with Kurt Ballou at the production helm, the result is their best and strongest. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Deluminate
2. Branches Of Yew
3. Bound Sphinx
4. The Cosmic Vein
5. Digital Prison
6. Crawling Back To God
7. Fractured Quartz
8. Gnawed Flesh
9. Ashen Mesh
10. Trumpeting Ecstasy
11. At The Cauldron's Bottom