Warthog Speak Records


Fuerza Bruta "Contra"


If you've kept abreast of the subculture, Fuerza Bruta best not be an unfamiliar name. Many years in, this Chicagoland outfit has played all over the world and proven over and over again to whoever will listen why their take on oi music is so powerful, refreshing, and crucial. A few years since their last release, "Contra" doesn't deviate much from the Fuerza Bruta formula of the past, but it is certainly delivered leaner, meaner, more confident, and direct than we have yet to see from these men, or anyone else for that matter. LP includes an 11" x 17" poster.

Track Listing:

1. Condenado
2. Cotidiano Villero
3. Batalla Diaria
4. Librepensador
5. Regreso Del Verdugo
6. Caida Del Imperio
7. Enemigo
8. Estoy En Contra