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Fucking Invincible "It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better"

Rhode Island's Fucking Invincible present their debut 12" effort after two 7"s of fast, raging, dirty hardcore played by gentlemen who are no strangers to powerful, destructive noise, having also been in bands like Daughters, Soul Control, Dropdead and Sweet Jesus. These 14 tracks are pure rage, incorporating elements of early powerviolence, early-'80s hardcore and straight-up crust, all with a metallic drive and no studio production trickery whatsoever. LP includes download.

Track Listing:

1. Not What You Are
2. Dead Dogs
3. Ape As Man/Man As Ape
4. All Good Things...
5. The Brotherhood Of Unfulfilled Early Promise
6. Josephine
7. Why Keep Score
8. The World Keeps Turning
9. By Proxy
10. Inconsistent And Indifferent
11. Followed By The Sea
12. Open All Night
13. Progress Trap
14. Nothing, No One