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Fucked Up "Epics In Minutes"


"Epics In Minutes" is the definitive landmark of Fucked Up's early days of releasing 7" records and cassettes. Released only three years into their existence on CD only, it is re-mastered and made available on vinyl for the first time. The songs here are the beginning of the long journey of Fucked Up's larger-than-life catalogue with sounds ranging from blown-out hardcore punk recorded on four-track cassette, to the glorious, interlocking guitar parts and narrative lyric writing that would set the tone for the rest of their musical career.

Track Listing:

1. Color Removal
2. What Could've Been
3. Baiting The Public
4. Last Man Standing
5. Litany
6. Police
7. Circling The Drain
8. Reset The Ride
9. A Light That Never Comes On
10. Generation + Red
11. Zezozose
12. Dance Of Death