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Fucked Up "Another Day"



Over the course of 25 years, the Toronto, Canada, band Fucked Up has altered our time and space through an unlikely combination of having many, many great ideas, and a persistence that sees them through. Like springtime in the Canadian prairies, "Another Day" is fleeting but buzzes with activity - it's Fucked Up's shortest album ever and arrives the most quickly after a previous album by the band. If "One Day" bore any traces of icy unfamiliarity, they've thawed for the upbeat, energized, and optimistic "Another Day," whose songs were recorded in the spring of 2023.

Track Listing:

1. Face
2. Stimming
3. Tell Yourself You Will
4. Another Day
5. Paternal Instinct
6. Divining Gods
7. The One To Break It
8. More
9. Follow Fine Feeling
10. House Lights