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Foreign Legion "Welcome To Fort Zinderneuf"


Their 1990, debut full-length album unavailable and long out of print until now. This record features a more oi-influenced sound with elements of post punk. During this time, the band played all over the UK and France with the likes of the UK Subs, The Vibrators, The Partisans, Picture Frame Seduction, The Adicts, Major Accident, Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts, 999, Broken Bones, and the Alarm.

Track Listing:

1. Surf City
2. Keep Pushing Back
3. What A Place To Be
4. Message From Nowhere
5. Get Off My Back
6. Gentleman
7. Talk Dirty
8. Stop Messing Around
9. Why Take My Life Away?
10. What Am I Gonna Do?
11. Beau Geste
12. Those Were The Days