Final Conflict "Ashes To Ashes"


PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping, the LP covers of this release have corner dings, but the vinyl itself is indeed new and unplayed.

Southern California's Final Conflict was highly influenced by British punk bands like Discharge and were one of the first bands to blend hardcore's simplistic and manic sound and heavy metal's musicianship with any degree of success. These spiky-haired punks created a sound that would go on to be emulated by hundreds of bands that followed. Originally released on Pushead's Pusmort Records in 1987 then later reissued by Relapse Records in 1994, this stellar album now finds a new home at Tankcrime Records and includes a 24-page booklet with old photos, flyers and interviews. CD version includes 15 additional tracks. Vinyl version includes digital download and fold-out poster.

Track Listing:

1. Apocalypse Now!
2. One Answer
3. Private War
4. Crucifixion
5. Abolish Police
6. Shattered Mirror
7. Burial Service
8. What Kind Of Future?
9. Constant Fear
10. Political Glory
11. Central America
12. Outcasts
13. Self-Righteous Pigs
14. The Last Sunrise
15. Apocalypse Now! (demo) (CD only bonus track)
16. One Answer (demo) (CD only bonus track)
17. Guns Forever (demo) (CD only bonus track)
18. Self Pity (demo) (CD only bonus track)
19. Death Is Certain (demo) (CD only bonus track)
20. What Kind Of Future? (demo) (CD only bonus track)
21. Outcasts (demo) (CD only bonus track)
22. Private War (demo) (CD only bonus track)
23. Political Glory (demo) (CD only bonus track)
24. Crucifixion (demo) (CD only bonus track)
25. More Beer (demo) (CD only bonus track)