Outer Battery Records


Faith "Live At CBGBs"


This is a live LP from Washington, DC's legendary hardcore band Faith. Recorded live in December of 1981 opening for the Bad Brains, this full-length is two complete sets and it captures the band's incredible live energy. All photos are by Glen E. Friedman, who was at the show and went on to shoot everyone from Minor Threat, Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy.

Track Listing:

1. It's Time
2. Another Victim
3. What's Wrong With Me
4. Confusion
5. No Choice
6. In The Black
7. You're X'ed
8. Trapped
9. Nightmare
10. In Control
11. Stepping Stone
12. Don't Tell Me
13. Outlet
14. You're X'ed
15. Trapped
16. In Control
17. Nightmare
18. Don't Tell Me
19. Stepping Stone
20. It's Time
21. Another Victim
22. What's Wrong With me
23. Confusion
24. No Choice
25. In The Black