Armageddon Label


Exil "Warning"

A brand-new balst of US-styled hardcore by some longtime Swedish friends. Straight-up hardcore punk, no bullshit, no metal, just well-written songs delivered with all the frustration, energy, and angst these times we live in inspire. Members have played in Asterisk*, D.S.-13, Invasionen, The Lost Patrol, The Vicious, Tristess, U.X. Vileheads, AC4, Bruce Banner, Epileptic Terror Attack, Feral Brain, Imperial Leather, Riwen, Sonic Ritual, Suicide Blitz, Axis Of Despair, Infanticide, Proteststorm, and more.

Track Listing:

1. Warning
2. Maniac
3. Damaged
4. The History Of Cleanliness/Idiot Face
5. Poison
6. Dear Landlord
7. Melting Teeth
8. Security
9. Downward Spiral
10. Internalized Extinction