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Enterprise Earth "Embodiment"

Spokane, WA's Enterprise Earth's sophomore full-length album, "Embodiment," is seconds short of fifty minutes of fury and flawless instrumentation with comprehensive and creative song structure. Picking up hot off the heels of one of 2015's best albums and one of technical deathcore's overall strongest releases. Enterprise Earth is best known for aspects of technical death metal blended with the best aspects of deathcore and eerie, atmospheric moments that segue into portions of punishing heaviness and scathing shred both.

Track Listing:

1. Shroud Of Flesh
2. Mortem Incarnatum
3. Temptress
4. Never Forgive, Never Forget
5. The Draconian Oculus
6. Serpentiform
7. Black Earth
8. Embrace The Ashes
9. Empty Sockets
10. Deflesh To Unveil
11. Father Of Abortion
12. Cruciform
13. Deathwind