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Energy "Invasions Of The Mind"

Energy is a prime example of why the hardcore scene is quickly becoming the place for talent in the broader music scene. Cutting their teeth on a CDep release and constant touring throughout the East Coast, Energy's debut, "Invasions Of The Mind," will show everyone just what has been brewing underneath. With soaring three part harmonies courtesy of self-trained vocalist Jason Tankerley set to a backbone of eleven intricately written songs that pull from Misfits as much as they do Rancid and Gorilla Biscuits, Energy's "Invasions Of The Mind" is an incredible statement for a debut release and will no doubt leave a lasting impression as a band who won't stay a secret of New England's music scene for very long.

Track Listing:

1. Invasions
2. Hunter Red
3. The Silence
4. Heaven
5. 400
6. Contact
7. Hail The Size Of Grapes
8. 2 Whole Minutes Under Water
9. The Satellite And The Hit
10. Revelations
11. Brickstone