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From The Head Of Zeus Productions


Endorphins Lost "Seclusions"

Hailing from the rainy Pacific Northwest, Endorphins Lost creates a harsh blast of powerviolence intensity that borders on outright grind. With six releases already under their belts, the band's 2019 LP, "Seclusions," is the first release (ever) on From The Head Of Zeus Productions and is 14 tracks that put a modern spin on bands like Crossed Out, Capitalist Casualties, and Despise You.

Track Listing:

1. Shell
2. Human Shield
3. Cold
4. Easy Skin
5. Nothing Beyond The Fire
6. Caduceus Rising
7. Seclusions
8. Worm
9. Passing
10. At A Crawl
11. A Father's Vengeance
12. Stone Man
13. American Choke Chain
14. Two Minutes Hate
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