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Eighteen Visions "Until The Ink Runs Out"


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Hot on the heels of reforming and releasing their first new album in 11 years, Eighteen Visions presents this 2xLP reissue of 2000's "Until The Ink Runs Out." Originally released on Trustkill Records, this record is a roller coaster ride of metal and rock 'n' roll that helped define the genre of "fashion core," spawning an army of kids with dyed black hair and white belts. 2xLP includes an etched D-side.

Track Listing:

1. She Looks Good In Velvet
2. She's A Movie Produced Masterpiece
3. Champagne And Sleeping Pills
4. Who The Fuck Killed John Lennon?
5. The Nothing
6. Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, Sixty-Nine 'Em
7. That Ain't Elvis Playin' Piano
8. Revolutionizing The Sound Of Music
9. Prelude To An Epic
10. Flowers For Ingrid
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