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Revelation Records


Drowningman "How They Light Cigarettes in Prison"

Having already established themselves by virtue of their handful of releases on Hydrahead records, Vermont's least kept secret, Drowningman, continue to impress with their Rev debut EP, How They Light Cigarettes in Prison. Four songs of careening, spastic metal/hardcore are interrupted by haunting sections of emoish melody. Escaping earlier stock comparisons to Converge, Cave-In, and Deadguy, Drowningman have moved into their own musical territory, finding new ways to tread the line between noise and melody, intricacy and subtlety. Infused with Drowningman's already patented poetic sarcasm- How They Light Cigarettes in Prison besides offering a a variety of death threats, tells tales of heart break, armed robbery, and electrical failures in correctional institutions. Produced by Brian McTernan with design executed by Jacob Bannon, How They Light Cigarettes in Prison is required listening for anyone that has ever spent a night crying while sharpening their knives.

Track Listing:

1. Black-tie Knife-fight
2. Radio Tuned To The Sounds Of Hearts Breaking
3. A Quick Prayer To The Patron Saint Of Dirty Rest Area Bathrooms And Clean Getaways
4. How They Light Cigarettes In Prison
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