Sudden Death Records


DOA "War On 45: 40th Anniversary Edition"


First off, now included is a 12-page booklet of unique photos, posters, and an extensive history of DOA at that time, written by Canada's godfather of punk Joey Shithead. Also, all eight tracks from the "War On 45" 1982 release are on side A, and seven tracks from the pre-"War On 45" demos with Chuck Biscuits on drums that were recorded at Mystic are on Side B. All in all, this album will hit one hard, the way DOA always has, and it sums up one of the best eras of these world-renowned punk pioneers.

Track Listing:

1. Liar For Hire
2. I'm Right, You're Wrong
3. America The Beautiful
4. Let's Fuck
5. War
6. I Hate You
7. War In The East
8. Class War
9. Rent-A-Riot (demo)
10. Liar For Hire (demo)
11. Race Riot (demo)
12. America The Beautiful (demo)
13. No Way Out (demo)
14. No God, No War (demo)
15. I Hate You (demo)