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Divine Right "Salvation Ends"



Divine Right is a straight-edge, metallic, hardcore/metalcore band based out of Charlotte, NC. After befriending one another in spring 2023, the quintet spent the summer of that year writing their debut EP, "Salvation Ends." Taking inspiration from bands like Strife, All Out War, Sentence, Arkangel, and North Carolina metalcore legends Prayer For Cleansing, the group wants nothing more than to embody the spirit of '90s-style hardcore and help keep the Carolina scene alive. 12"ep includes a silkscreened B-side and is limited to 270 copies.

120 Clear With Black And Orange Splatter
150 Red With Black Swirl

Track Listing:

1. Pretense
2. The X Has Yet To Fade
3. Scattered Limbs
4. Salvation Ends
5. Is Our Destiny Sealed By God