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Disrupt "Unrest"


Boston, MA's crust-hardcore kings Disrupt ground out ferocious music in their short but furious existence, establishing a reputation as one of the world's premier hardcore grind bands. Originally released in 1994, their first (and only) full-length, "Unrest," contains 20 tracks of the most savage and powerful punk-inspired grindcore ever recorded. Influenced by E.N.T., Crude SS, Mob 47, Doom, and Siege, Disrupt both destroyed the deftly contrived major-label hardcore of the time (and continue to do so today) and set a standard matched by few punk bands since. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Domestic Prison
2. Mass Graves
3. Complaint
4. A Life's A Life
5. Pay For...
6. Unrest
7. Reality Distortion
8. Down My Throat
9. Tortured In Entirety
10. Religion Is A Fraud
11. We Stand Corrected
12. Faction Disaster
13. Human Garbage
14. Without Sincerity
15. Neglected
16. Same Old Shit
17. For What?
18. Squandered
19. Mindlock
20. Green To Grey