Dinosaur Jr. "You're Living All Over Me"

1987's "You're Living All Over Me" was a breakthrough record for Dinosaur Jr. and a seminal moment in alternative rock. Reigning in some of the noise from 1985's debut, "Dinosaur," and featuring the first compositions by Lou Barlow, "You're Living All Over Me" became a blueprint for nineties guitar rockers and lo-fi DIY bedroom songsmiths alike. According to All Music Guide this is the record that "established guitar heroics as a part of indie rock, bringing the noise of Sonic Youth into more conventional song structures." Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Little Fury Things
2. Kracked
3. SludgeFeast
4. The Lung
5. Raisans
6. Tarpit
7. In A Jar
8. Lose
9. Poledo