Grave Mistake Records


Destruct "Cries The Mocking Mother Nature"


Three years after their vinyl debut, 2020's "Echoes Of Life," comes Destruct's second album, "Cries The Mocking Mother Nature." The band continues to pay respects to their raw hardcore influences, with greater emphasis on '80s, Swedish mangel and brutal, late-'90s, Japanese crust/hardcore, in addition to the always present nod to British pioneers Disaster and Doom. Cover art by master punk artist Joe B. LP includes a 22" x 33" poster.

Tracking List:

1. Destabilize Control
2. Holzklotz Burning
3. 71,000 Warheads
4. Plea To The Sane
5. O.C.O.
6. Children In Rubble
7. Deterritory
8. Infinite Impact
9. Anti-Progress
10. Exhaustive Butchery
11. Notice
12. Polluted Water