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Descendents "Bonus Fat"


"Bonus Fat" is a compilation album by the Descendents, originally released in 1985 through New Alliance Records. It combines the band's 1979 debut single, "Ride The Wild b/w It's A Hectic World" with their 1981 "Fat" EP and the track "Global Probing" from the 1981 New Alliance compilation "Chunks." The compilation's cover combines guitarist Frank Navetta's illustration for the "Fat" EP with a caricature of singer Milo Aukerman drawn by Jeff "Rat" Atkins.

Track Listing:

1. My Dad Sucks
2. Mr. Bass
3. I Like Food
4. Hey Hey
5. Weinerschnitzel
6. Global Probing
7. Ride The Wild
8. It's A Hectic World