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Dayglo Abortions "Feed US.A. Fetus: 30th Anniversary Edition"


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The classic "Feed Us A Fetus" album from Canadian hardcore legends Dayglo Abortions. Twenty-one tracks originally released in 1985 and packaged with the infamous Ronnie and Nancy cover art. This 30th anniversary edition includes a gatefold cover, remastered audio and a 2' x 2', full-color poster.

Track Listing:

1. Stupid Songs
2. Argh Fuck Kill
3. Die Sinner Die
4. Bedtime Story
5. My Girl
6. Dogfarts
7. Inside My Head
8. Wake Up America
9. Proud To Be Canadian
10. Stupid World
11. Ronald McRaygun
12. Kill The Hosers
13. Religious Bumfucks
14. 1967
15. I Killed Mommy
16. I'm My Own God
17. Used To Be In Love
18. Suicide
19. The Idiot
20. Germ Attack
21. Scared Of People
22. Black Sabbath
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