Immigrant Sun Records


Dawn Of Orion "A Celestial Ballad"


Atlanta, GA's Dawn Of Orion was a lesser-known gem amongst late-'90s hardcore kids in the know. Equal parts At The Gates and Morning Again, they were recognized for their brutal yet technical riffing and dark aesthetic. Courtesy of Immigrant Sun Records, Dawn Of Orion is getting the discography treatment with a full compilation of all their previous recordings (remixed and remastered) as well as three unreleased tracks.

Track Listing:

1. As The Blood Red Moon Rises
2. A Widow's Covenant
3. Creation's End
4. The Passing Of Idols
5. To Hunt The Ethereal Sun
6. Thy Divine
7. The Ancient Promise
8. Twilight Eternal
9. The Liar's Broken Rhyme
10. For Every Crack, A Hollow Smile
11. Sown Into Flames
12. On Broken Wings
13. For Dying Eyes
14. Twilight Eternal
15. Thy Divine
16. The Ancient Promise
17. Gates Of Emptiness