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D.R.I. "Thrash Zone"


"Thrash Zone" is the fifth album by the American thrash-metal pioneers D.R.I. Released in 1989, "Thrash Zone," produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer (Slayer), was D.R.I.'s most successful album to date, selling upwards of 250,000 albums worldwide. "Thrash Zone" continues to resonate with each new generation of thrash-metal fans. Now available again on colored vinyl. LP includes MP3 download card.

Track Listing:

1. Thrashard
2. Beneath The Wheel
3. Enemy Within
4. Strategy
5. Labeled Uncurable (bonus track)
6. Gun Control
7. Kill The Words
8. Drown Your Out
9. The Trade
10. Standing In Line
11. Give A Hoot
12. Worker Bee
13. Abduction