To Live A Lie Records


Cryptic Void "Physwar//Psywar"


Existing for almost a decade, Houston, TX's Cryptic Void is back with their best effort to date. Band members have done time in PLF, Insect Warfare, Nibiru, and a dozen more important bands from their area. Time to blast into space, re-enter the atmosphere at blazing speeds, and land squarely in the scorching heat of Texas for a DIY release that will leave your skin charred. LP includes a blank B-side and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Impromptu Massacre
2. Asymmetric Warfare
3. Biological Warfare
4. Total War
5. The Race For The Super Weapon
6. The Sword Of Damocles
7. Mutually Assured Destruction
8. Propaganda
9. Subversion
10. Demoralization
11. Looming Threat
12. Demonization
13. Cyber Warfare