Kustomized Records


Crucifix "Dehumanization"


"Dehumanization" is the only full-length album from the band Crucifix. Ignoring the rules of punk purism in favor of a well-produced, huge guitar sound, the album preceded much of the hardcore/metal crossover of the mid-'80s and played an influential but often unacknowledged role in the punk and metal subgenres that followed. This new Kustomized Records re-release has been carefully remastered from an original vinyl source and adheres closely to the audio quality of the original.

Track Listing:

1. Annihilation
2. How, When, Where
3. Skinned Alive
4. Prejudice
5. No Limbs
6. Another Mouth To Feed
7. Search For The Sun
8. Indo China
9. Three Miles To Oblivion
10. See Through Their Lies
11. Death Toll
12. Blind Destruction
13. Rise And Fall
14. Stop Torture