Organized Crime Records


Cross Examination "Menace II Sobriety"

Cross Examination can be seen on interstates around the country doing intervantinental beer bongs at 88 miles per hour in between vans (note: the drivers do not participate), and even smashing the hell out of their van, lovingly named Crusher, and subsequently destroying it on the side of interstate 55 en route to Chicago. While these crazy antics are entertaining, Cross Examination's notorious reputation and undisputed sense of humor has helped them grow a serious fan base (also known as the Awesome Party Squad) and upwards of 50,000 YouTube views of their everyday lifestyle. Cross Examination will be trampling the United States throughout 2008 in support of "Menace II Sobriety" and the Awesome Party Squad will be circle pitting and beer bonging right along with them. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes free comic book and digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Return Of The Shredder (Intro)
2. Maximum Overchill
3. Necroponics
4. Unlimited Chainsaw
5. Arson Party Squad
6. Collateral Jam-age
7. Thrashin' For The Cash In (Royalty Check)
8. Raid Your Fridge
9. Menace To Sobriety
10. Blackout
11. Operation Devastation
12. The Wimp Chipper (Outro)