To Live A Lie Records


Crom "The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989"


Crom is the ultimate amalgamation of mystery mixed with futility. They are one of the most frustratingly undefinable bands out there, mixing general metal aesthetic into a stew of subgenres ranging from sludge and doom to perfectly cultivated thrash parts and plenty of punk, hardcore, and powerviolence influence spices to get a perfect boiling mixture that has been thought about and talked about since it came out originally in 2001. In 2023, To Live A Lie Records has taken the original masters and given them the white glove treatment by enlisting Nick Townsend, whose mastering and audio work includes such big releases from Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam to Dr. Dre to Nails to the DIY likes of Regional Justice Center and Fireburn.

Track Listing:

1. Riders Of Doom
2. The Gathering
3. Humiliate The Corpse
4. Crom's Beard
5. Farewell Bambata
6. Valeria
7. Burnt Fur
8. Timenough
9. Keep Running Dog Boy
10. Celebrate The Flesh
11. Discipline Of Steel
12. Wheel Of Pain
13. Life/Death
14. Steel Reserve
15. Black Lotus
16. Thunder Dust
17. Twomb
18. Throne Of Blood
19. Funeral Pyre
20. Concubine
21. The Foot Of Cole Ford
22. Infidel
23. The Usurper
24. Hidden Fortress
25. The Jeweled Crown Of Aqua Lonia
26. Soiled Shroud
27. The Cauldron
28. What Is Best
29. Eye Of The Serpent
30. Sweet Tigris