Warthog Speak Records


Concrete Elite / Ultra Razzia "Split"


Montreal, Canada, filth and Texas thunder united on a 45 RPM 12". It opens with three bulldozers from Austin's Concrete Elite in the hard-edged, oi-bordering-on-ugly-hardcore style that we expect from them, recorded in the same session as their split with Faction-S. On the flip side, a quartet of new ones from Ultra Razzia. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Concrete Elite - Cages
2. Concrete Elite - World Of Violence
3. Concrete Elite - Victory At Any Cost
4. Ultra Razzia - De Sang-Froid
5. Ultra Razzia - Le Sejour Des Morts
6. Ultra Razzia - Le Mirage
7. Ultra Razzia - Rasoirs Dans La Nuit