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Comeback Kid "Symptoms + Cures"


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"Symptoms + Cures" radiates Comeback Kid's genre-perfecting style of breakneck, traditional, hardcore punk rock combined with prevailing melodies. The band wrote their fierce new collection of anthems in the place that they have come to know the most; the road. Comeback Kid has delivered a hardcore masterpiece in "Symptoms + Cures" and is ambitiously setting out to voice their energetic, honest and powerful message to the much-needing masses around the globe. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.

Track Listing:

1. Do Yourself A Favor
2. Crooked Floors
3. G.M. Vincent & I
4. Because Of All
5. The Concept Stays
6. Balance
7. Symptoms + Cures
8. Manifest
9. Get Alone
10. Magnet Pull
11. Pull Back The Reins
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