Not Like You Records


Combatant "Sick Plot"

Combatant stands alone amongst the new breed of hardcore bands. Not only do they hail from Maine, but their sound is more akin to early-'80s hardcore a la New York or Touch & Go than the latest flavor of the month. "Sick Plot" is their first vinyl release, a seven-song 7" that brings to mind the classic sounds of The Abused or Antidote, but somehow still manages to make it sound fresh. A light in the darkness, Combatant is here to take a stand and leave their mark in hardcore history. The real question is are you ready for it?

Track Listing:

1. The Nightmare Is Real
2. T.P.T.B.
3. Can't Trust You
4. Sick Plot
5. They Decide
6. Powerless
7. Tomorrow's Future