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Collapsed Skull "Eternity Maze"


Collapsed Skull is a dizzying bass and drum hardcore attack from the East Coast featuring current and former members of Full Of Hell and Jarhead Fertilizer. With revenant nods to their West Coast forebears, thundering bass wars against other-worldly shrieks, blasting drums, chopped hip-hop samples, and broken machine stutters. Their debut EP, "Eternity Maze," is a hard look at the classist power structure in American society and the ritualistic abuse of those in power.

Track Listing:

1. Collapsed Skull
2. A Hundred Spears
3. Endless Warring Streets
4. Pigs On The Hunt
5. Eternity Maze
6. Bone Fragments
7. Forest Siege
8. Lamb With Knife
9. Scaling Genocide
10. Anomalous Ruin
11. Illusory Infrastructure