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Cold As Life "In Memory Of Rodney A. Barger 1970-1993"


Available for the first time ever on vinyl, Cold As Life's legendary recordings from 1988-93 arranged chronologically and completely remastered with an unreleased bonus track. Deluxe packaging comes loaded with lyrics, artwork, and rare photos documenting this early era of the band that was cut short by the tragic murder of frontman Rawn Beuty (Rodney A. Barger) in 1993. This is Detroit, MI, hardcore. Vinyl version includes an 11.75" x 16.5" poster.

Track Listing:

1. Cold As Life
2. How Much Longer
3. Addicted
4. Detroit City
5. Hardcore Homeboy
6. Detroit City 2
7. One Night
8. Hell's On Its Way
9. Boys In Blue
10. Red White And Blue
11. Mr Wisdom
12. Intro
13. Wake Up
14. Where Are We Going
15. I Can't Breathe
16. Hell's On Its Way (alternate version)
17. Cold As Life (alternate version)
18. Scared To Death And Back
19. Ten To Midnight
20. Terror Zone
21. Clockwork Destructors (bonus track/previously unreleased)