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Claimed Choice / No Heart "Split"


Claimed Choice is one of the most exciting new skinhead, rock 'n' roll bands to emerge in recent years. And while also being relatively new, No Heart seems to be part of the old guard, having formed in 2015 and including members of Subway Thugs, Emergency, and Last Crusade, they have already released three 7"s, two LPs, and two split 12" EPs. Like Claimed Choice, No Heart cranks out a version of oi that is less a cliche and more of an original sound that is as much mod/glam driven as it is punk and oi. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. No Heart - Hard Times
2. No Heart - Echoes Of Yesterday
3. No Heart - Never Again
4. Claimed Choice - The Hill
5. Claimed Choice - Years Of Hate
6. Claimed Choice - Dunning