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CJ Ramone "American Beauty (Picture Disc)"

"American Beauty" is CJ Ramone's third solo album and was recorded again with Steve Soto and Dan Root, with Pete Sosa (Street Dogs) taking over on drums. This effort crackles with the spirit of '76 and, once again, the sound and vibe of classic Ramones records. Keep in mind that these picture discs are strictly limited to 1,000 and will not be re-pressed.

Track Listing:

1. Let's Go
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. You'll Never Make Me Believe
4. Before The Lights Go Out
5. Girlfriend In A Graveyard
6. Tommy's Gone
7. Run Around
8. Steady As She Goes
9. Without You
10. Be A Good Girl
11. Moral To The Story
12. Pony