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Christ On Parade "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing"

Formed in 1985 and heavily influenced by bands like Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni, and Crucifix, Christ On parade headlined the first ever show at 924 Gilman after unleashing this album in 1987. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Teach Your Children Well
2. Joshua Brown
3. Pressure To Succeed
4. T.V. Media Mass-Murder Celebrity
5. Nothing To Live For
6. Rock N Roll Armageddon
7. Twenty Years
8. Everyone's Crazy
9. Riding The Flatlands
10. Kill Your Landlord
11. Stupid Questions (Not To Ask)
12. Doctors
13. Dead Meat
14. Lifesucker
15. Power
16. Old Mac Donald's Farm