Rivalry Records


Champion / Betrayed "Split"

This split E.P. combines 3 brand new exclusive songs from one of hardcore's most recognized bands, CHAMPION, with 3 new songs from one of hardcore's most exciting new bands, BETRAYED (featuring 2 members of CHAMPION and 2 members of CARRY ON). Both bands play fast, yet melodic hardcore in the vein of CHAIN OF STRENGTH and CARRY ON, though both bands complement each other with different departures from the same traditional sound. CHAMPION's style is most definitely rooted in late 1980's hardcore with added melodic flavor, similar to that of TURNING POINT, while BETRAYED has defined their sound somewhere between the aforementioned bands and seminal D.C. hardcore punk legends MINOR THREAT and EMBRACE. This E.P. represents the next chapter in the lives of both of these bands, with an overwhelming message of taking control and making the most of your life.

Track Listing:

1. Now Is The Time - Champion
2. Break Through - Champion
3. What Will It Take? - Champion
4. What You Have Left - Betrayed
5. Consequence - Betrayed
6. Bring It To Life - Betrayed