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Busted Outlook "Not Defined By Violence"


PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping, the LP covers of this release have corner dings, but the vinyl itself is indeed new and unplayed.

Busted Outlook is one of the most interesting and heavy-hitting new HC bands out of the west coast of the USA. This Bay Area/California-based band was formed out of current and former members of Permanent Ruin, Scalped, In Disgust, No Mistake, Secret People and Ccondition. This list does not do Busted Outlook justice though, because when we talk about high-energy, full-on, direct hardcore in which clashing elements of late-80's NYHC, Boston HC, or fast and direct, early-'80s USHC, they meet all the best parts of each. Members of the band mention bands like Y.O.T, Uniform Choice, Outburst, Absolution, Confront, Altercation and SSD as strong inspirations so you can get a good clue as to what they are serving up. Their well-written lyrics neatly combine personal and political, offering their own perspective and experience, are urgent and refreshing. "Not Defined By Violence" is Busted Outlook's first 12" release, following two 7"s previously released on Warthog Speak and Speedowax Records. Imported from Poland.

Track Listing:

1. Intro--Headcount
2. Forever Mine
3. Self Surrender
4. Rain On The Northside
5. Dust
6. Into The Dark
7. Trace
8. Tesora
9. Dealing With The Fallout
10. Reposses
11. Simple Motherfuckers
12. Sick Of The Night