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Booze & Glory "The Reggae Sessions Vol.1"


Liam and Mark from Booze & Glory are fanatical about Jamaican music. The idea of turning some Booze & Glory songs into ska or reggae tunes came a long time ago for this songwriting duo, but they simply never had the time. These "Jamaican" versions of "London Skinhead Crew," "Only Fools Get Caught," and "Leave The Kids Alone" are just the start - they were as much fun to record as they are going to be for all of us to dance to for years to come.

Track Listing:

1. London Skinhead Crew (stereo)
2. London Skinhead Crew (mono)
3. Only Fools Get Caught (stereo)
4. Only Fools Get Caught (mono)
5. Leave The Kids Alone (stereo)
6. Leave The Kids Alone (mono)