Rivalry Records


Blue Monday / Go It Alone "Split"

Vancouver's best have come together to produce the GO IT ALONE / BLUE MONDAY Split EP. More than just a hometown to them, Vancouver, British Columbia, not only defines these two as bands, it has shaped them as people. This record visually and musically showcases the bands, the people, and the common bond that they share. Each band contributes 3 songs in total: 2 brand new original songs, plus a RESERVE 34 cover (a Vancouver band from the past, fronted by roadie and best friend, Matt Smith). These 6 songs are along the same lines as those featured on each band's respective LPs: socio-charged melodic hardcore that suggests there's still so much more left to say than simply regurgitating the usual hardcore dogmas. However, particular departures from the LPs do exist, most notably GO IT ALONE's hardest song to date, "Ovaltine", and BLUE MONDAY's continuation down a more melodic path. This isn't just an amalgamation of b-sides and sub-par songs thrown together and titled a "split", this is a collection of songs and a release that stands proudly on its own.

Track Listing:

1. Ovaltine - Go It Alone
2. West Boulevard - Go It Alone
3. Daylight (Reserve 34) - Go It Alone
4. Maplewood - Blue Monday
5. Cathedral Square - Blue Monday
6. Rum Tum Tugger (Reserve 34) - Blue Monday