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Blind Idol "The Infinite Mile"


PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping, the LP covers of this release have corner dings, but the vinyl itself is indeed new and unplayed.

The title "The Infinite Mile" is telling of what to expect thematically on the debut full-length from Blind Idol. The album is filled with near gut-wrenching lyricism as vocalist Kyle Taylor (Crafter) continues to navigate the bleaker side of personal existence, all layered over breakneck-speed songs pulling from the yesteryear of 2000s-style hardcore written and performed by Tyson Luneau. Just when you come up for air, the music continues.

Track Listing:

1. To Know The Winter
2. Climb The Rope
3. Forlorn Soil
4. Fistful Of Flowers
5. Web Of Bliss
6. Beat Me Blind
7. Siren Song
8. Seasonal Fires
9. Love Canal
10. Can't Seem To Find