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Bitter Branches "Your Neighbors Are Failures"


Rather than hopeful daydreams, Bitter Branches offers a refreshingly honest observation of society, scrapes and scars on full display. Musically, the band has little interest in conforming to the sound of the moment, instead building upon skills honed over years of touring to create something that is unquestionably greater than the sum of the individual parts. "Your Neighbors Are Failures" begins like a roller coaster, straps you in, gives you a hint of what's about to come, and then explodes with driving, thunderous songs that take you, at times by force, on a ride through more emotional ups and downs than a summer blockbuster.

Track Listing:

1. Along Came A Bastard
2. Circus
3. The Man Who Never Cries
4. Plastic Tongues
5. Have You Tried Jogging?
6. Chewing On Vitamins
7. Sorry You Are Not A Winner
8. Solo Trip
9. Monsters Among Us
10. Show Me Yours