Big City "Big Kisses"

Direct from the depths of the pressure cooker that's New York, NY, and reminiscent of Times Square a la Taxi Driver, Big City bursts forth with their first full-length, "Big Kisses." This album delivers ten tracks of hooks developed directly from a latent obsession with early-'70s Stones, nods to the guitar dynamism of Thin Lizzy, and grit passed down directly from the Ramones. Sprinkle on top flourishes of Teenage Fanclub, a serious dedication to the saxophone wailing found on classic Springsteen records, and you have "Big Kisses" wrapped up in a nice little bow.

Track Listing:

1. Big Kisses
2. Dancin' Bella Donna
3. Get Outta Here
4. Let It Purr
5. She's Gonna Have A Baby
6. Singin' Rock & Roll Songs
7. Listen To Your Heart
8. Comin' Back
9. Hang Honey
10. Just Married Tracy