Capitol Records


Beastie Boys "Some Old Bullshit"


Originally released in 1994, "Some Old Bullshit" compiles the Beastie Boys' early hardcore EP "Pollywog Stew" and the "Cookie Puss" EP that were recorded in the early '80s, and features taped segments originally heard on Noise The Show, a popular hardcore radio show on WNYU in New York.

Track Listing:

1. Egg Raid On Mojo (demo)
2. Beastie Boys
3. Transit Cop
4. Jimi
5. Holy Snappers
6. Riot Fight
7. Ode To...
8. Michelle's Farm
9. Egg Raid On Mojo
10. Transit Cop (demo)
11. Cooky Puss
12. Bonus Batter
13. Beastie Revolution
14. Cooky Puss (censored version)