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Basement "Colourmeinkindness: 10th Anniversary Edition"


On it's initial release in 2012, "Colourmeinkindness" found Basement pulling from not only one of emo's zeniths - early Sunny Day Real Estate - but also channeling heavy and sometimes hazy '90s alt-rock, with hints of behemoths like Pixies, Silverchair, and Catherine Wheel shaping the sound. This unforgettable release has been updated with an embossed slipcase, updated artwork with photos, and retrospective liner notes from the band, as well as a second disc that features an etched D-side. The release includes alternate versions and stripped-back arrangements of many of the album's tracks, recalling the iconic MTV Unplugged's from the likes of Oasis or Nirvana.

Track Listing:

1. Whole
2. Covet
3. Spoiled
4. Pine
5. Bad Apple
6. Breathe
7. Control
8. Black
9. Comfort
10. Wish
11. Covet (alternate version) (bonus track)
12. Pine (alternate version) (bonus track)
13. Bad Apple (alternate version) (bonus track)
14. Breath (alternate version) (bonus track)