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Balance And Composure "With You In Spirit"



"With You In Spirit," the fourth Balance And Composure full-length, is an arresting, atmospheric collection of melodic post-punk and towering rock. The record's cover photo, taken by vocalist and guitarist Jon Simmons at a family reunion last summer, is a striking capture of the world Balance And Composure has conjured across these ten songs: while two children play on a lawn excitedly, a summer storm's dark, gray-blue clouds loom in the background. Indeed, "With You In Spirit" thunders and stirs, dipping between beautiful, crystalline arrangements and punishing, earth-shaking climaxes; in between all, a gripping, near-physical tension crackles and growls and grooves, waiting to rip open.

Track Listing:

1. Restless
2. Ain't It Sweet
3. Any Means
4. Cross To Bear
5. Believe The Hype
6. Lead Foot
7. Sorrow Machine
8. A Little Of Myself
9. Closer To God
10. With You In Spirit